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Due to the strange limitations of iOS, you need either iTunes sync (and connect your device to a computer) or access to mail on the device to setup OpenVPN Connect, as you will need to download/save our configuration file for future use.

Setup instructions via iPhone/iPad mail

Install OpenVPN Connect from the app store.

Then, while viewing the email from us (with the britishtvclub.ovpn file attachment), follow these steps:
Click on the britishtvclub attachment.

You should then see an option to "Open file in OpenVPN", do this.

OpenVPN app will appear on your screen.

You should see our server address, such as:

Below the server address, click on the green + icon to add our profile to the OpenVPN app.

You should then be presented with username and password screen.

Enter your British TV Club website username(not email address) and password. Your username is:

(Optionally, click the "Save" option.)

Below the username / password area, you will see "Disconnected" - this is the current status.

Below, you will see an "Off" button, click this to connect to the VPN. The button should change to "On".
If your login details were correct, all being well the status should change to "Connected".
It is best practice to only use the VPN when you want a secure connection via the UK, e.g., when accessing UK restricted websites and services, or if you are using a public wifi spot and are concerned about security. When using the VPN, all of your data is routed via the UK which could slow down your web browsing slightly, so we recommend disconnecting from the VPN for general day to day web browsing.

Ignore any adverts on the OpenVPN interface for and - they're trying to get you to sign up to premium packages, since the OpenVPN Connect program is free!

Contact us if you require assistance.