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Things to know:

We do not have Sky/BT Sports, Sky Movies, Discovery, History, Gold or any other subscription based channels! Any website or IPTV provider offering such channels is doing so illegally!

There is no immediate access to TV channels! You cannot register on the website and start watching TV immediately.

It can take up to 48 hours for your membership application to be reviewed. During this time an admin will review your application. You will be informed via email if your application is succesful.

Credit/Debit card is required. You will need one of these to pay for membership after your free trial.


Applying to Join:

Each application is reviewed manually and considered on an individual basis. Answer all questions truthfully when applying or we will probably decline your application.


Membership Criteria:

    • Over 18s only
    • You must be able to read & write in basic English (in case you need to contact us about anything or vice versa.).
    • You must agree to the terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions:

If you are a resident of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and Isle of Man, you must have a valid British TV licence.

Strictly no playing our TV channels in public!

Do not use a VPN when registering - applications are manually reviewed and your application will be declined if using a VPN.

We track IPs and logins and our systems will detect unfair usage, account sharing or attempting to download multiple streams simultaneously.

The subscription price for members shall be decided by the British TV club administrator and is subject to change at any time. You will be notified of this before your next subscription and you are under no obligation to renew your membership at that time.

Payments must be made manually by yourself, there are no automatic recurring payments. You can renew or let your membership expire as you please. (E.g., some people only renew when on holiday abroad).

You agree to receive emails from

If for any reason you wish to teminate your membership, inform us of this by opening a support ticket and we will arrange a pro-rata refund of your remaining membership fees.

If for any reason we deem you unfit for membership of the club and we terminate your membership, we will refund any remaining membership fees.


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