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Streaming legally

Did you know: Most British TV streaming websites are operating illegally!

Other than the official and authorised websites (which are all based in the UK and available for viewers in the UK only), any other TV streaming site is probably illegal. So if you are watching British TV outside the UK, the website orĀ  provider is very likely doing so illegally.

The reason that we do not have any subscription / encrypted channels, such as Sky Sports & Movies, Gold, SyFy, History, Discovery, MTV and so forth is that these channels are subscription based and any website or TV provider offering these channels is operating illegally and at risk of being shut down. We will never have subscription based channels from Sky and other IPTV companies, as this is against T&C and Sky could file a lawsuit against us and get us shut down.

The largest IPTV provider in the world was shut down last year, leaving 500,000 people without TV! Not only was the company shut down but this has a ripple effect in that many smaller websites and companies who were using this 3rd party company to provide TV streams, also lost their TV supplier and thus their customers lose out. The worst thing about this, many people fall in to the trap of signing up for long term subscriptions such as 1 year or even lifetime access - thinking it will save money in the long run, then find themselves without TV and being out of pocket!

All of our channels are encoded and broadcast "in-house". We will never rely on illegal IPTV operators to source our TV channels and streams. This would be foolish and the future would be unpredictable. We are in this for the long run and this is why we have set up our members only club with no subscription/premium channels.

So if you are happy with the 50+ live free-to-air UK channels (which you will be able to record via your TV box (available from April 2018)), while accessing 30 day catch up TV and on demand box sets via *official* websites such as BBC, ITV, 4, 5 and UKTV (all through your TV box and remote control!), we can offer all of this to you legally and for very fair prices (we believe lower than any other TV providers).