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Roku, Apple TV, NowTV boxes are not supported.

Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, NowTV devices are "locked-down" and only support apps from official channels and partners. Think of big names - Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

Android is different, it is more "open" for people to customise as they wish.

We recommend boxes based on Android such as the Formuler Z8. It is highly compatible with our channels, it supports recording (both live and via the TV Guide), timeshift (pause & rewind live TV) and more.

There is a list of Formuler boxes on this page. all  of the Z models will be compatible, also the S models which also include satellite connection if you use satellite TV.

We highly recommend the Formuler Z8

We are not affiliated with Formuler, it is just by far the best box! It is the easiest to use, logical and intuitive - that is, it works how you would expect - unlike MAG boxes which are confusing to navigate through the menus etc). The Z8 has the best features and is still being actively developed and improved by the manufacturer.

Click here to check latest prices for Formuler Z8 on Amazon



If you cannot afford a brand new Formuler Z8, maybe consider a used box on ebay, confirmed working well are Formuler Z7+, Formuler Z7, or a Dreamlink Dlite (all of these support timeshift and recording) but as mentioned the best to get by far is the Z8 (there are a couple of niggle annoyances I have found with the other models mentioned here.)

Failing that, you could consider a cheap Android TV box, then use an app called STBEmu. While this does not offer recording or timeshift, it does allow you to use the remote control to view the TV Guide, change channels and so forth. A lot easier to sit back, relax and watch TV and not have to navigate via a  web browser,