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In progress - changes behind the scenes to improve the video player pulling the video from the video source (origin) in Europe. Video will autoplay faster and more reliably on desktop devices and work better on mobile devices/browsers. Also working on better automatic and manual fail-over to different video source in case of problems with the original video source.

In progress - All channels will be available in higher quality for Gold members

In progress - More channels have been added. A few more +1 channels remain.

In progress - Improve TV Guide and channel page with more information about upcoming programs, add categories (documentaries, movies etc), 7 day guide.

CompletedWebsite duplicated to another web server on a different provider, in case main website goes offline as did recently for an hour or two.

Completed Moving house - transferring 4 phone and internet lines with aim of minimum disruption to service. Tricky when BT mess up the orders. HD channels will be offline until some time between 17th and 24th July. 

Completed August/September - ceasing 4 residential lines (which have contested / shared) upload speed of ~17.5mbps and getting a single 100mbps business line. 

ASAP / No date set - better support for TV boxes (Android or IPTV/MAG boxes) which you can plug in to your TV and use a remote control. Possibly with ability to record. Also hopefully integrated VPN on the Android boxes for accessing UK restricted services such as iPlayer, ITV Hub, All4, My5 and UKTV Play etc.