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Sorry to ask for ID, we never used to, but our competitors are constantly trying to steal our channels for use on their website/apps, also someone tried to pay with a stolen card recently which could cause us problems. For this reason we must carefully verify new members.


Please attach a copy of photo ID (driving licence or passport is ideal) of the payment card holder with subject line "ID" and send to [email protected]
No card is needed for free trial but if you stay with us after your trial then you will need to pay for membership.
Feel free to hide any ID number and address with a piece of paper or photo edit.


If you don't know how to do send a photo:
Take a photo of the ID using your phone,
Open your email app on your phone
Put email subject "ID"
Attach the photo (look for the paperclip icon to attach files),
Send to [email protected] 

If you cannot do this then you will need to contact us for a different method.

Your application will be reviewed by an admin (can take up to a few days, especially over weekends).

If approved (which we will if you are genuine and did read the T&C before applying), we will email you, so check your email daily, including the spam folder (just in case)!