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Problems on evening of Friday 19th

The company who provide our video server software (WMSPanel software which is used to monitor and administer Nimble video streaming servers) had a major problem today due to their provider Rackspace, possibly the biggest computer server host in the world. This had a knock on effect to us and around 10% of our viewers.

WMSPanel put out an urgent alert for all users to restart their video servers. This unfortunately had a strange effect where some users were not able to receive channels.

Apologies to anyone who has been affected. If you would like a pro rata refund for the few hours you've lost, please get in touch. Although this is hardly worth anything in reality, probably pennies! Else we can give you a free day membership if you were really annoyed about this downtime.

Please accept our apologies, this has never happened before with the WMSPanel software and is highly unusual. We've used their software for years and their services have never been offline.It should not happen again as presumably they should be taking steps to make sure it does not (e.g., using a backup server provider to take over in case of a problem with Rackspace).