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MAG 250/254/256

Formuler & Dreamlink box users click here

Android box users click here

Amazon Fire users click here

Roku, Apple TV etc are not supported. Why?


Newer devices will not work (Mag 410 / 322 etc) as they are designed to work with a different version of the IPTV server software which we will not be using. We highly recommend the  Formuler Z8. It is very modern, still being improved by the manufacturer. It supports recording, timeshift (pause and rewind live TV etc), has a much easier to use EPG (TV Guide) than MAG boxes, has a much better remote, and loads more. If you cannot afford a Z8 then consider older boxes, however they aren't quite as good as the Z8 which addresses a low of the flaws on the older models.


Timeshift and recording will not work on these boxes unfortunately as the Stalker IPTV software uses older streaming technology and we have moved on to more modern methods. But at least you can use the remote control to view our channels instead of having to use a web browser.


Presumably MAG owners are familiar with adding a portal URL, which is:

it must be exact. Take your time and check spelling carefully.


Try to connect to the portal, you should be presented with login and password challenge. This is your British TV Club website login. If there is a space in your username you must use your email address instead. (If you are unsure of your username check our "Your Membership" page where it says "Welcome, username").


(You do not need to send us your MAC address which most providers require.)