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IPTV box udpate

Many of you are keen to start using your IPTV boxes to view our channels and probably wondering what is the delay. So this is what has been happening:

A few people were set up to start testing but it became apparent that a lot of extra work was required to enable many testing spaces.

This is because the IPTV server was not linked to the membership database. Users were set up manually with temporary login details.

At such time when the IPTV server was synchronised with the website database, users would have to change their login details on the IPTV boxes. This seemed like hassle for all concerned and potential for problems (confusion with login details etc).

Today the IPTV server has been successfully set up to authenticate users against the website user database. This required finding a custom solution, there was no "plugin" available or any easy way to do it. Almost everything done here requires an in-house solution, bodging together bits of web technology / programming code ....nobody else is doing what we are, no easy solution was readily available. We've had to make different software speak to each other which were not developed to be compatible. So despite that it doesn't look as if anything is happening, there is stuff going on behind the scenes.

Next is to copy the test server to a more permanent location, hopefully this will be straight forward (copying commands and files from the test server) and an announcement should be made within the next couple of days and details will be provided for you to start testing with your IPTV boxes 🙂

Also those of you with standard Android boxes can try useing "STBEmu" app (so you can use your Android box remote to change channels)

Next time you see a message here it should be all go 🙂







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