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A few of you have asked in the past about compatibility with IPTV Boxes. We have been working on this and testing different boxes and TV box "backend/server" software but have consistently ran in to problems. Clunky TV boxes with illogical / non-intuitive menus, poor quality remote controls, awful TV Guides etc. Then testing slightly better TV boxes only to find that they won't work with the backend software we have already set up. Now we have found a good combination! 

The TV box seen in this video is using our TV channels, the boxes are very fast, intuitive and have logical menus and TV Guide operations. The boxes (and importantly, our TV channels) support timeshift (pause, rewind) and recording live TV, as well as the ability to set recordings and reminders via the TV Guide.

Now we need to integrate the TV box software with our user database and memberships etc. The hard part is hopefully over so fingers crossed within a few weeks we can start offering this for release.

Comments are open for anyone who wants to express an interest to be one of the first people to test this.

People who already own IPTV boxes (e.g., MAG boxes) will be able to use them if they work, but other than offering the details required to connect to our service, we will only offer support for Formuler TV boxes. The MAG Boxes remote control functions / menus / TV Guide etc are very confusing and illogical, we would not wish to make any suffer. The Formuler boxes are very intuitive and easy to use so we will be recommending these for our users. The one seen in the video being tested is a Formuler Z7+ and it was bought for around £90 brand new on Amazon.

If you already own a box and wish to give it a try, please leave a short comment below and we will get back to you at the appropriate time.

Once this is running, work will begin on a cheaper alternative such as a cheap Android TV box with remote control, using the "Perfect Player" app, though this will have less features, e.g., no support timeshift and recordings. But for those on a tight budget and desiring using a remote control and watching on TV, it might be a good option.


  1. allan-michael

    BTVC is Fantastic!
    My question is… Is the TV-Box you mention, available to buy in Europe (Germany)???
    I am an `Everything Apple´ user (With a Samsung 55″ Curved TV as Monitor).
    Would my Apple TV Box be capable of playing BTVC & your new offer???
    Thanks in advance for any Help you can give on this!!

  2. krayzsuzi

    Hi there, i am as well an „apple Tv“ user wich allows me to watch via my iPad/airplay all channels on the TV. Because I only saw an Android Icon in the video, my questions is: would IOS be supported or perhaps in the near future added and would I still need an VPN for this Box? Thanks for an always top service. Kind greets from Germany

  3. jake

    hi,im not tec savy,i use laptop and hd cable to watch your progs on smart tv,if this is a box you can just plug into a tv and use i want one,at present i have to have laptop on all day to view,so if this is an easy connect system,ill take it,i live in netherlands and i have a media box that runs my upc tv stations,thats the only box i have,cheers

  4. Louki

    Sounds promising indeed. Your efforts are much appreciated ;o)

    I will keep an eye on this. Maybe it is about time that I invested in that TV (and box) instead of my present laptop solution?

  5. gladfly

    Kudos again chaps on expanding your offerings. Please consider the OUTSTANDING Nvidia Shield as an Android TV box alternative since it comes with expandable memory & 2 USB ports for external hard drives plus up to 500GB internal hard drive for recordings. Nvidia have been fastidious about updating their software in keeping with Android updates so this is not a company that makes something then turns their back on maintaining it [Looking at you: Microsoft et al] WE LOVE WATCHING BRITISHTV.CLUB ON OUR NVIDIA – it works flawlessly.

  6. Twinbee

    looks great. you can count me in. are you going to be selling the boxes or do we need to get them ourselves? either way i definitely want to try this out as it will be much easier for the kids to watch

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