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DaveJavu added, C5 HD back online and more news

Latest updates:

Dave JaVu (Dave +1) added.
Channel 5 HD is back online.

If you missed the previous announcement, new channels were added last month: That’s TV Gold, GB News, Smithsonian back online after a few weeks removed (SD only but HD will be back quite soon).

We still haven't built the new computer to add regional variations (BBC Scotland, Alba, etc) as we've got caught up making other improvements and testing complicated things behind the scenes.

We seem to have made Forces TV, Blaze and Talking Pictures (our most troublesome channels which - the first to be affected by bad weather) more reliable or rather, restart a lot quicker when a fault is detected, however all channels can be affected in heavy rain (such as the other day when many channels had signal loss for up to 20 minutes).

On that note, always look out for the "OFFLINE?" button above the video player, this is only on channels 1-5 at present but will be added to more channels in the coming weeks. These backup channels come from aerial (freeview) rather than satellite (freesat) and should not be affected by heavy rain / hail. These backups are from Wales region, so on rare occasion the programming is different on BBC 1, 2 and ITV 1, but generally not for mainstream / prime time programs.