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02:10 - JAG

02:10 - 03:05
Harm and Mac are called to Afghanistan to defend a Marine captain accused of murdering five civilians. Meanwhile, Bud's father returns to active duty. Drama, starring David James Elliott, Catherine Bell and Patrick Labyorteaux(n)
03:05 - MacGyver

03:05 - 04:00
Pete's old friend asks for his help in exposing mass murders in her Latin American homeland, but Pete is forced to reveal his secret to MacGyver(n)
04:00 - Walker, Texas Ranger

Walker, Texas Ranger
04:00 - 04:45
Pilot. Action drama starring Chuck Norris. When a colleague is killed the crime-fighter must track down the murderer(n)
04:45 - The District

The District
04:45 - 06:00
Mannion and his team have just 48 hours to save an innocent man from death row and hope Debreno's connections to the church can get the culprit to confess where the murder weapon was concealed in time to save his life. Drama, starring Craig T Nelson(n)
06:00 - Teleshopping

06:00 - 08:30
A chance to buy bargains galore(n)
08:30 - The Key of David

The Key of David
08:30 - 09:00
Religious documentary, analysing current events using Bible prophecy(n)
09:00 - Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder
09:00 - 10:00
Dr Sloan is forced to step in and defend Jesse against accusations that he accidentally caused the death of a basketball player. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke(n)
10:00 - Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder
10:00 - 11:00
Dr Sloan investigates the case of an actress who died of an infection seemingly contracted during routine cosmetic surgery at a clinic. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke(n)
11:00 - Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder
11:00 - 12:00
Part one of two. Dr Sloan and Amanda help the FBI investigate a plane crash near the hospital, but just as they think the case is solved, Jesse announces two bodies have gone missing. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke(n)
12:00 - Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder
12:00 - 13:00
Part two of two. Mark recalls an incident from 20 years previously that appears to hold the key to solving the case involving cover-ups, radioactive fuel and the death of an airline rep. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke(n)
13:00 - Diagnosis Murder

Diagnosis Murder
13:00 - 14:00
A TV executive is murdered and the subsequent death of the chief suspect makes Mark and Steve realise a serial killer is on the loose. Medical detective drama, starring Dick Van Dyke(n)
14:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
14:00 - 15:00
Sam heads to Sudan to help a CIA agent gather evidence of al-Qaeda terrorist training, but Callen is forced to rush to the country too, when one of them is killed while carrying out the mission. Crime drama, starring LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell(n)
15:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
15:00 - 16:00
Deeks places his job in danger when he shoots and kills an unarmed man during a mission to retrieve Semtex explosives from a marine warehouse, prompting unexpected emotions for Kensi as she contemplates losing her partner. Crime drama, starring Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah(n)
16:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
16:00 - 17:00
Callen, Kensi and the team hunt for an electromagnetic pulse device that was stolen from a college research facility, and could destroy Los Angeles if activated, killing millions of people. Elsewhere, Sam is on the lookout for a Christmas present for his daughter. Crime drama, starring Chris O'Donnell, LL Cool J and Daniela Ruah(n)
17:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
17:00 - 18:00
Nell goes undercover at the Department of Defence after a researcher is found dead, and new NCIS assistant director Owen Granger fails to endear himself to the rest of the team. Crime drama, starring Renee Felice Smith and Miguel Ferrer(n)
18:00 - NCIS: Los Angeles

NCIS: Los Angeles
18:00 - 19:00
A vehicle transporting Jada Khaled to her criminal tribunal is ambushed, prompting the team to trace the culprit in an attempt to save her and the case. Meanwhile, concerns grow for Sam as it is the first time he has seen the former governor's sister since returning from Sudan. Crime drama, starring LL Cool J and Ella Thomas(n)
19:00 - Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible
19:00 - 20:00
The IMF try to foil the plans of a former communist leader keen to regain power(n)
20:00 - Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible
20:00 - 21:00
The IMF aid a beleaguered South American government overthrown by revolutionaries. Drama, starring Peter Graves and Barbara Bain(n)
21:00 - NCIS

21:00 - 22:00
A taxi driver and an admiral working at the Pentagon are found executed by the side of a road, but the agents have trouble ascertaining a motive - until they uncover links to a woman searching for her missing husband, a political refugee from Africa. Meanwhile, McGee makes a discovery about his new girlfriend. Starring Sean Murray, Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon(n)
22:00 - NCIS

22:00 - 23:00
Abby babysits a bright nine-year-old while the other members of the team try to locate the youngster's missing father - a survivalist wanted in connection with a case of robbery and murder. The search takes them deep into the wilderness - where a startling discovery awaits. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon and Sean Murray(n)
23:00 - NCIS

23:00 - 00:00
A traumatised marine escapes from a psychiatric unit, convinced he is still fighting in Iraq. The agents believe his erratic behaviour indicates post-traumatic stress disorder and try to calmly talk him round before restraining him. However, blood tests reveal high levels of steroids in his system - meaning someone is using him as a human lab rat. Starring Lauren Holly, Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo(n)
00:00 - NCIS

00:00 - 00:55
A Muslim US Marine is found seemingly shot dead near a mosque that has been linked to an al-Qaeda recruiter. Ducky refuses to perform an autopsy out of respect for the man's religion, but Abby runs tests that reveal his demise was actually due to poisoning from a rare octopus venom. Meanwhile, McGee goes into the mosque intending to plant a concealed microphone - but discovers someone has had the same idea(n)
19:00 - Firewalker

19:00 - 21:00
Two mercenaries are hired to search for a lost Aztec temple by a woman in possession of an ancient map which promises a treasure hoard at the end of the trail, but their mission attracts the attention of a number of unsavoury characters. Action adventure, starring Chuck Norris, Louis Gossett Jr, Melody Anderson and John Rhys-Davies(n)

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