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Feedback will be useful on how it is working on your specific device or computer operating system. Especially anything non Windows PC based but all feedback appreciated.  You can leave comments further down the page. Thank you.

  • Ignore the "seek bar" on the player. You cannot rewind live TV.
  • The fullscreen icon is near the bottom right
  • Feel free to test the "load alternative" button, it should play BBC one from a different source, at medium quality.
  • There is no quality selector for now (those of you used to seeing it at bottom right of the player and using it to over-ride the auto quality selection).
  • Just feedback whether it works OK (try full-screen) and please tell us on what device / operating system if not Windows PC.
    nothing about the size/layout/buttons etc, thank you.


Now playing on BBC One

Impossible - 14:15 - 15:00
28/30. The quiz show where players must avoid Impossible answers to stay in the competition. How many of today's players will survive to face the £10,000 question?

Click load primary to start playback (just during this testing.).

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