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Applying for Membership

Before you apply:

We do not have Sky/BT Sports, Sky Movies or any other subscription based channels! Any website or IPTV provider offering such channels is doing so illegally!

We do not have catch up / on-demand TV. You can catch up on British TV programmes when outside the UK by using a VPN such as and then access the official UK TV apps and websites such as BBC iPlayer. There are hundreds of box sets, on demand content and the last 30 days of catch up TV for nearly every UK channel. You can also watch most channels live and in HD quality. Sign up for a UK VPN at or for more info about using a VPN click here

Paypal or Amazon account is required. If your country does not let you use these websites, you will be unable to pay for membership.

It can take up to 2 days for your membership application to be reviewed. There is no instant registration or account activation. If you want instant access to British TV while outside the UK then use a VPN - highly recommended is  -  While using a UK VPN you can access most British TV channels on these websites and apps: BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My5, UKTV Play etc within minutes for just a few £ per month! For more info, click here.

*Applying to Join:

Each application is reviewed manually and considered on an individual basis. Answer all questions truthfully when applying to join or we will have to decline your application.

Membership Criteria:

    • Over 18s only
    • Must have a valid British TV licence if you are a resident of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.
    • You must be able to read & write in basic English (in case you need to contact us about anything or vice versa.).
    • You must agree to the terms & conditions

Being nominated by an existing member:

Being nominated guarantees membership if the nominee (the person being nominated) fits our membership criteria. Make sure you provide us with their email address when applying. Check spelling.

Terms & Conditions:


Strictly no playing our TV channels in public! 

Do not use a VPN when registering - applications are manually reviewed and your application will be declined. We track IPs and logins and our systems will detect unfair usage, sharing accounts or attempting to download multiple streams simultaneously.

One channel viewing at any time per account. Account sharing is forbidden and will be detected.

The subscription price for members shall be decided by the British TV club administrator and is subject to change at any time. You will be notified of this before your next subscription and you are under no obligation to renew your membership at that time.

Payments must be made manually by yourself, there are no automatic recurring payments. You can renew or let your membership expire as you please. (E.g., some people only renew when on holiday abroad).

You agree to receive emails from

You will not be rude in support tickets or emails. We are a small members only club, we do not employ staff to work on a support desk, even if we did we would not expect them to put up with verbal abuse or bad attitudes. We have extremely reliable video servers and excellent up-time but once in a while there can be a fault which is out of our hands, it could be anywhere between your internet provider and our network on one of the many network nodes between, or for any of a plethora of other reasons. Get in touch and we can assist in diagnosing and resolving the problem.

The club administrator has the power to expel any member who does not comply with the terms and conditions or whose conduct in the opinion of the British TV club administrator renders him or her unfit for membership of the club. Any person whose membership is terminated will immediately be excluded from the website and will have no claim against the British TV club administrator, the website or the club. Any member whose membership is terminated cannot re-apply for membership within twelve months of such termination. Any member who has their membership revoked will receive their membership fees refunded on a pro-rata basis.